Get ready for a celebration of colour, energy & skill!

Sydney’s Customs House forecourt will become a spectacular outdoor gallery and host an incredible 3D artwork created by Australia’s most highly awarded pavement artist, Jenny McCracken and internet sensation Leon Keer from the Netherlands and our select team of artists.

Watch this space! Australia’s largest 3D Street Painting is coming to life

Check the Festival Program and find out how you can pose in the finished artwork this weekend and take part in art activities. Read on for more info and check our Gallery for progress shots.

chalk urban art progress

Watch us LIVE on Weekend Sunrise on Saturday 25 October!

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Our Canvas – Customs House Forecourt
#chalkurbanart Day 1

The artwork will be created between 19 and 24 October and will fill Customs House forecourt.  The camera viewpoint will be from the second floor beneath the clock, the height will add incredible depth to the artwork. This will be an Australian, if not World first! 

Throughout the week you can see the artwork come to life on the pavement and have the opportunity to speak to the artists while they work.  On Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th the public will be able to pose in the artwork for photos and we’ll run ‘take part in art’ activities for all ages to participate.

Missed us on SBS On Demand? Copies of our documentary ‘Chalk: An Australian Perspective’ will be on sale at the Festival for the special price of $20 (cash only). Find out more about the global phenomena of pavement art and how our fabulous Aussie artists fare against the world’s best.

Make your mark with us at Customs House!  Check out the Festival Program for details and Stay in Touch for more details.