LATEST NEWS:  CHALK: An Australian Perspective 

‘Chalk: An Australian Perspective’ follows Australia’s Champion Pavement Artists Jenny McCracken and Anton Pulvirenti.

We journey with them to the piazza of Grazie di Curtatone in Italy to compete at the world’s most influential yet gruelling pavement art competition, Incontro Nazionale dei Madonnari.  We explore how this once dying art form has evolved and exploded in popularity around the world.

Narrated by Charles Waterstreet, CHALK: An Australian Perspective explores the art of street painting and the passion these artists have for chalk.

View the trailer and Stay In Touch for information about future screenings and our grand plans for Sydney in October 2014.

Lucy Turnbull – Chalk of the Town

Urbanist, business woman and philanthropist, Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO, has just been confirmed as Ambassador of Australia’s international pavement art competition Chalk Urban Art Festival.  This unique street festival will attract a live audience of 200,000+ people and far greater extended audience online.  It’s where people come to check out what the cool kids are doing, a showcase of talent, inspiration and innovation.  

“I’m proud to be involved with this exciting event”, said Ms Turnbull.  “As an advocate for social innovation and the Arts, I’m looking forward to seeing Sydney’s streets transformed into an open-air gallery that brings people together and showcases Australia’s talents to the world.”

Chalk Urban Art Festival will be held in Cathedral Square, in the heart of Sydney this October.  The centre-piece to the event is a non-stop 24 hour competition, which unearths and showcases the incredible talents of artists to the public.  Visitors get to see the artworks come to life on the pavement and have the opportunity to speak to the artists while they work.  Winners from previous competitions have gone on to make careers for themselves and represent Australia at festivals and events around the world.

Stay tuned!  We’ll be announcing our International Headline Artists details of the competition shortly.